What We Do


To create a responsible and sustainable farming business


To do farming by adopting both the best of traditional and modern practices so as to enhance value at every stage of cultivation

Cultivation & Aggregation

We are a cultivation company.We are a 3P farmers (Positive,Proactive & Progressive).We keep traditional farming as base and apply modern cultivation practices to get optimized results.We consciously avoid toxic fertigation.We create better value in farming activity.Reduced Cost,Better Yield & Maximum Price.We use data & technology to achieve best results.

We have developed direct relationship with input manufactures and institutional buyers. The Founder is the Member of Tamilnadu Agricultural University, Dept of Agri Business Development and brings best of the expert advices from the University. Agricultural departments have recognized our farms Demonstration field and bring farmers to understand and adopt our best of the cultivation practices. Our approach and transparent system entices neighboring farmers to sell their crops through us to our direct buyers.

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Our differentiator & strengths…

1. Mostly in-house to improve efficiency & profit margin – atleast by 50%.

2. Manure & vermi compost

3.Procurement of fertilizers directly from manufacturers / 1st level distributors

4. Fabrication

5. Logistics

6. Storage

7. Direct sales

8. International procurement & sales offices

9. Diversified locations

10. Cultivation is managed by agri – horticultural experts

11. Strategy, Business Growth, Sales & Finance managed by a highly successful agri business professionals

12. Mentored by a passionate and highly qualified professional.

Engagement Model

Apart from the own land and a polyhouse, we engage with land owners to achieve scalable size. Our target land owners are migrants & NRIs who have kept their arable land unutilized.

We operate on three models –

1. Own Facility – We invest and create own open & controlled environment cultivation.

2. Partnership Facility – We invest in crop management ( working capital ) in the facilities / land owned by the partners on net profit sharing basis.

3. Managed Facility – We offer advisory and market linkage support to the facilities / lands owned and operated by our partners.

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Our Process of engagement

We have a well defined process of engagement, right from originating a partner to sign-off. We have developed a proprietary scorecard to assess the SWOT of the land.

Lead Generation for land availability – Initial meeting with the land owner – Site visit by the Sr. Agri Expert – Submission of Score card – Approval / Rejection of the land – Drat Agreement – Negotiations – Sign-off – Deployment of resources


With the growing opportunities in the field of agriculture, a lot of corporate and HNI’s are venturing into this highly viable business. However, they need expert guidance to achieve their investment dreams. With increase in population, the demand-supply chain in India is strained. Due to constant change in economic and social structure, the supply food is under threat. Researchers have found out a tool that leads to soil-less cultivation, which will secure the future of food.

Agriculture in India is a 370 billion dollar sector– but there is little use of technology to improve its productivity. Around 2 billion dollars of fruit and vegetables are wasted because of lack of supply chain management and cold storage facilities and 40% of it gets wasted in transit, according to 2014 reports.

1. India has approximately 8000 refer trucks capable of transporting fresh produce. Food inflation in India is growing at 7%, due to supply demand mismatch. This inflation translates into an additional 70,000 crore rupees opportunity.

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2. According to the data collected in 2010, India uses 91% of available water for irrigation and livestock, 2% for Industry and 7% for municipalities. Out of this, 49% of water is used from ground water sources and by this excessive exploitation water table is receding at 3 to 10 feet per year.

3. In India only 30,000 hectares is under poly house or covered cultivation. The national average vegetable yield is 17 tons/Ha whereas in developed countries it is 40 tons/ha.

4. As per the 2014 latest figures only 17% of agricultural land is under Horticultural crops giving 270.46 million metric tons of horticulture production. The availability of vegetables per day per person is 374 grams only..

The food services market in India was estimated at $48 billion in 2013 in a study by the National Restaurant Association of India and Technopak. In five years, that could be worth $78 billion – that is nearly what the Indian IT industry currently exports

i. While volumes are picking up, restaurant owners are looking to cut import bills and chefs are exploring ways to reduce the carbon footprint of the dishes they create. Air transport of food implies higher energy consumption resulting in carbon emissions.

Exotic lettuce grown in India could be 30 per cent cheaper than the imported ones. Imported cherry tomatoes can cost Rs. 1,000 a kg whereas the domestically produced ones could be priced at Rs. 200.

i. Demand-driven exotic vegetables production is suitable for the farmers as they have assured market through contract with consumers. Exotic vegetable market is growing at the rate of 15 to 20% per annum is increasing day by day since India is importing more than 85% exotic vegetables.

At TerraGreen, Our idea is to educate & transfer our best field knowledge to the farming community, especially who are new to agriculture. We offer the professional consultancy services on the following areas-

a. EPC of Controlled environment agricultural projects

b. Agricultural engineering & irrigation projects

c. Fund raising for agricultural projects

d. Subsidy management of agricultural projects


Our selection of crop is backed by Value Chain approach. Our expert team does a complete analysis of the crop – physiology to risks to marketability factors before selecting the crop. The crop shall have the inherent risk mitigation nature and withstand varied adverse situation. We also ensure that the produce shall have the growing and sustainable demand. At present, we have developed on the following crops-

6 Acres
2.Pulses & Millets
24 Acres
3.Iceberg Lettuce
3 Acres
4 Acres
Acres Under Cultivation
Green House(Sq.ft)
Crop Under Cultivation
Total Rural Employment
Farm Locations
Agri Professionals


Partners & Associates

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Our Team

Mr.Rafiq Jinnah Ahmed

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Sr. Consultant – Agri
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Farm Managers

Mr.Suresh B.Sc (Agri)
Mr.Marimuthu B.Sc (Agri)
Mr.Vairavan B.Sc (Agri)

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Doing Agri Business is Easy & Fast

Farm Management Mobile Application Powered by payAgri helps us to seamless manage multiple farms.

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